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After-Care Package

Your pet’s After-Care Package is a collection of items that are made available to you once your pet’s cremation is complete.

The After-Care Package includes:

  • Your pet’s cremated remains in a high-quality wood urn.
  • Your pet’s clay paw print – baked, sanded and ready to hang or display
  • Your pet’s ink print (your choice of paw or nose) printed on card stock and suitable for framing; impression stored as a digital file
  • A clipping of your pet’s fur in a paper mache heart box
  • A Certificate of Cremation, noting:
    • your pet’s ID number
    • your pet’s name
    • cremation type (private or semi-private)
    • date of cremation
    • location of cremation
    • the name of the crematory operator
  • A pamphlet/brochure on grieving the loss of a pet

*For non-private/communal cremations, a Non-Private Cremation After-care Package (clay paw print, ink paw print, fur clipping and grief booklet) is available. Nose prints are also available. See Services & Pricing for more information.